March 19, 2011

a better life

I went to the spa with my Mom for my birthday. We got manicures, pedicures, and an upper body massage. It was wonderful to spend time with her, and to feel that I am taking care of myself, especially with the toll my job takes on my body. It's good to feel like a woman again. I find myself dabbling in fashion and beauty while at the same time attempting not to be consumed by it.

I bought a new top yesterday...for a special night. It has a blue and white flower print on old china dishes.

Mike and I watched Freakonomics today. I love how it also uses psychology and sociology to examine things such as crime, culture, and corruption. (See what I did there?) I love how Mike and I can have intelligent weaknesses and appreciate the strength's of one another's fields of study. This is how we complement one another. This is how we are stronger together.

We also went to the improv show last night and my suggestion for a location (Farmville) sparked a long internet game themed sketch involving the son of a Farmville farmer who wanted to leave the Farm to work as a Minesweeper. Yes, it was funny. I'm quite proud.

I'm not looking forward to having to leave again for work tonight. But I'm hoping that's going to change soon. I have the possibility for an interview soon and the position would be much closer to home. I want to stick around and play DDR and wear pretty clothes and read and go out with friends more often.

Also, I'm engaged now.
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