July 22, 2010

Zemanta experiment

Health food store cat, May 08Image by mungo181 via Flickr
Kazu is eating cat food loudly. He is annoyed with me right now.
I'm trying to clean the apartment tonight in preparation for the party tomorrow.
I thought about going to get my hair cut tonight, but I won't have time. Sad day.
Tomorrow is casual day at work. I'm pretty sure it's sad that I'm more excited about wearing jeans than about it actually being Friday.
I talked to my Mom about dreams this morning. The poor woman asked one question and I went off on this crazy tangent about REM sleep and depersonalization. She says she doesn't mind, but I know I must be a lot to handle sometimes, especially early in the morning.
We're having a Munchkin party tomorrow. It should be pretty awesome and dorky. I just hope my house looks presentable and that Jim and Linda don't flake ot on us again. They have such a romantic bubble.
I went on another interview today. I've been on so many now that they are all starting to blur together. I really want this one, even if it is in a big scary office building. I just want someone to give me a chance. Once they do, I know I'll be amazing and I can accomplish so much.
I miss Mike a lot. He's had rehearsal every day this week. I will see him tomorrow though. And his first show is next week. I can't wait to see it, I know he'll be hilarious.
...We recently found out that my five year old cousin has Type 1 diabetes. The same thing that killed her grandpa. Her Mom is really scared and I know she is too. I guess it's better to know sooner though and start dealing with it now. I just hope they will take it more seriously than her Grampy ever did.
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Biting the Bullet

So I suppose I do have to bite the bullet and start this blog eventually. I like the autosave feature, by the way. Good job on that one, blogger. I'm also pretty sure I don't even want to know where the phrase 'biting the bullet' comes from. I have my suspicions, by my morbid curiousity is turned off at the moment, so I don't want to know. Please don't tell me in the comments.

I don't feel that I have much of value to say. Or even if it is valuable, I don't feel that I will say it well. This is partially because I am tired and lonely and frustrated and discouraged. It is difficult to form coherent thought. Then again, maybe coherent thought is overrated. Sometimes I think order is overrated. I was arguing with a friend about that general idea earlier this week, though I don't think I made much progress in convincing him of such.

I also feel this way partially because I have a terrible habit of editing myself too much. I do this almost everytime I attempt to be creative, especially in writing. I think I may idolize writing too much. I feel that whatever I put out must be perfect on the first try, and I don't know how to realize what's in my head, so I don't even try. Stupid, I know. I sure do use the phrase 'feel' a lot, don't I? Well, I am an FJ.

Sometimes the best sound in the world is the tiny mew of a cat who has jumped up to lay beside you when you're blogging late at night. These are the things that make me content with my life.

I saw Back to the Future with some friends tonight. It was really nice to see them after a long time apart. We have such busy lives, and sometimes a somewhat unfortunate consequence of the Facebook age is that there are simply too many people that we enjoy and want to stay in touch with. I am always missing someone, always feeling guilty about not having talked to someone in forever. Now I am afraid I may have lost all touch with an old friend because she appears to have deleted her Facebook. I hope the phone number I have for her is still good...

The asters that I planted are doing well. I must remember to water them tomorrow. I forgot to do so today, and it's been sweltering. I would hate for the little sprouts to get struck down before they even have a chance to bloom. My house really needs to be brightened up some, and fall flowers are the perfect thing for it. Fall is my favorite season anyway.

Pictured: Not MY actual asters. Also, I have no bees. Yet.