August 31, 2013

Test 1, 2, 3....

August 24, 2013

Moving and pedicures

English: Supernanny, Jo Frost, at the Children...
English: Supernanny, Jo Frost, at the Children's Museum in Easton, Easton, Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today was an absolutely insane day. It was also a very fun day. I am now detoxing by watching SuperNanny.

I perfected the lazy Saturday look this morning. I wore my checkerboard Vans slip-ons. It was pretty awesome, and perfect for helping my friend H move.

English: Vans headquarters, Cypress, California
English: Vans headquarters, Cypress, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This week I went through the arduous process of giving myself a pedicure. I even used a buffing block. It turned out rather well, despite my lack of a topcoat. I used OPI's An Affair in Red Square. It's a great true red, very classic.

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August 08, 2013

Coriander (Photo credit: Ruby's Feast)
T's hydroponic garden is doing great. We have celery, spinach, basil, parsley, thyme, sage, green onions, cilantro, and dill so far! We have tasted the cilantro, but we haven't sampled the others yet. The cilantro was so fragrant and yummy! It came straight off of our balcony instead of sitting for hours in a grocery store and/or truck or however else it is transported. The only hand that touched it were ours. It has been kept safe by wolf spiders and wasps instead of pesticides. It is so much fun to watch them grow and T gets so excited when a new little seedling pops up. It is fun to watch him and his enthusiasm is contagious.
 Soon I will start nannying again and I am so excited to see my boys! They are starting 2nd grade and fifth grade this year. I am also looking forward to making more money for less hours and not being on my feet as much as I am at my current job. I hurt my knee two years ago and it has never bothered me through running, mud runs, and various other activities. However, standing for 7 hours straight on concrete does make it sore. Who knew.
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August 07, 2013

August Goals {Monthly Goals Linky}

Monthly Goals
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Bonjour! This is my first Monthly Goals post, so I don't have anything to recap. However, I do have some goals to set.

August Goals

  • Take Kazu (my cat) to vet.
  • Hang out with my friend Dougle.
  • Finish my Dad's picture frame.
  • Visit my Mother in law.
  • Get CPR certified again.
  • Watch The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended edition again.
  • Conquer Mount Washmore
  • Paint my fingernails
  • Cook dinner once this month.
  • Start running again.
  • Sweep out the pantry
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring is...

What are your August Goals?
Grab the button and link up with us! :) 
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