November 04, 2010

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I found out today that my class ring has been shipped back from the warranty department. Since I'm 4+ years out of high school now, it will go right into the fire-safe box, waiting some 20 odd years until little Layla (or perhaps Lucas) starts high school. Then it will belong to them, to guide them through that season.

I downloaded some new songs for my (really really old) Ipod Nano today, including some Sara Groves. I really do wish Apple was more user-friendly though. And it's not just a case of unfamiliarity, since I've been using Itunes for years now. However, it seems that every new edition becomes less intuitive.

It's nice to be home, doing laundry, cuddling the boy, and checking facebook. This job is grueling. I'm afraid that if things don't change soon, I might not be able to handle much more of it. It's just so incredibly screwed up.
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