December 07, 2010

The Infinite Sadness

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I hate it. I hate being a grown-up. I hate having guilt and feeling responsible. I want to say F*ck it and be irresponsible and not care until the bill comes. I want to be proposed to RIGHT NOW. I want to move in with my best friend. I want said best friend to not be four hours away. I want to work odd jobs and not worry about money and live like a hobo. I want to be in a garage band.

What's the plan? Well, having a plan kind of negates the whole bohemian, carefree, irresponsibility thing, doesn't it?

Oh well.

First, look into ways to further my education. Maybe a licensure program that won't require me to go back to school full-time? I really really want to avoid getting my master's if at all possible. I mean, seriously, I'm still paying off student loans.
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