April 01, 2011

under the under

Read some Supernatural fanfic today. Now I'm feeling inspired to write my own story. I just wish I could find a safe community where I could post things and have someone to bounce ideas off. Maybe the TVtropes forums?

I'm tired of driving, but I found out today that I can be home for good on the 27th. Aaah, no more living out of my car and trying not to fall asleep on dark country roads. I can't wait to nest some more! I swear I will finally make my apartment a beautiful homey place. Complete with cat.

I'll be starting my new job on the 27th. I really pray that it's better. I have yet to feel, well, settled in any of the jobs that I've had. However, I do know that I enjoy working with the kids. Maybe this new place will make it easier for me to do that to the best of my ability.

The boy is on his way to pick me up for dinner. We're meeting with both our parents to work out the whole wedding budget thing. I am sooo not feeling up to this tonight. Between the staph infection, the bum knee and just general exhaustion...I just don't think I'll be at my best tonight. At least I'll get to see the boy.
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Anna said...

You got the job! I hope it treats you better. *hug* enjoy your night with your boy.