December 08, 2011

Doing life

Kitty with AIDs
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I'm still living out of a suitcase. It's an odd sort of limbo, but it's worth having someone to make me lunch and welcome me home at night. Oh geez, I AM the dude in this relationship, aren't I? Regardless, we have a home. Kitty makes three. We are just making it look as wonderful in appearance as it is in essence. And cooking. We need to cook something. He cooks more than me too. I keep telling him to stop, but I don't think he can.

Speaking of kitty, he seems to be settled in perfectly fine. He is content and happy and gleefully greets me when I come home. However, he seems to enjoy chilling with Daddy. He has not been exceptionally bad or clingy. He doesn't even seem to care that we haven't moved in various things, such as his shower shelf. To clarify, this is a multiple shelf thing I had in the bathroom (and have every intention of moving into this bathroom) that had a shelf that was perfectly eye-level with me when he laid in it. He would lay there on a special towel while I showered and occasionally pull the shower curtain aside to make sure I had not drowned. Yes, this is my cat.

I miss my friends. I have barely seen anyone since I got back, except for Ari, briefly, to borrow a movie for the kids at work. She and her husband are wonderful neighbors, and it is comforting to have them near. But I want the time for someone to play with my hair while I lay my head on the table and whine and moan about my life. We have seen Nick as well. We watched Doctor Who and he adorably and excitedly asked us a million times if we had gotten the wedding present he sent us yet. I worry about Lyss, who has lost her Grandpa recently at the tender age of 12. I was 18 when I lost mine. How much difference does 6 years make? What can I even say to her?

I miss my Mom. And my Dad, for that matter. He has been incredible throughout this whole wedding business. It is a pleasant surprise. I hope that Tony and I 's marriage might reflect Christ to him. He seems to understand more what is important to me now. He seems less cynical and jaded, more open to possibilities. I want him to have life and have it to the full.

The man has a new job. He's really excited and I know it's closer to what he wants to do. It's also a bit more money, which I'll admit is nice. It frees me up to have more options as far as what I want to do for a living. But I live in fear of becoming a gold digger or a trophy wife. The need to make a living is a hindrance to me. Ever since I discovered life outside of a report card it's been difficult for me to focus on boring, impersonal things like career advancement. I want to sew and cook and decorate and train my cat. Okay, so maybe I am more stereotypically female than I thought. (I also want to join roller derby, but that's another story.

T and I are already talking about more travel. I'll make a world citizen of him yet! We actually make quite a good team, and I loved being able to solve problems and explore the city together on our honeymoon. A million times better than laying around on some beach.
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