February 22, 2012

pedal with authority

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"We pedal with authority in here!" Hehe. That's what my spin class instructor said today. It made me giggle. I told Ari how I want to rearrange the living room. She approves. It was nice to have her and Tay over here for a change. I really want our house to be like Lou and M's was for me. Relaxing, welcoming, homey, and safe. Some of my best and/or most defining moments happened in or because of that house and the people in it. It would be an incredible blessing for our house to be that for someone else.
Kazu had company today too...cousin Julep came to visit. They both did very well. Kazu was relaxed enough to tease Julep a little bit, which was pretty funny. I think it's good for Zu to have a playmate. It keeps him physically active and also socially and mentally stimulated. Yay healthy kitty! And let's be honest. It's cute for Kazu's friends to be our friends and vice versa.

So Ari asked why I was taking pre-natal vitamins (To raise my vitamin D levels, not because I'm preggo, mmmkay?). I walked on Tay's back and he and Tony talked about their jobs. We talked about moving to new apartments and Tay showed us his silly Minecraft stuff. Ari complimented my kitty apron and said that we need to get Tony a cooler apron.
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She also said my buffalo chicken balls with blue cheese dressing were good. : D It was a really nice, relaxing evening.

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Also, I made pie.

http://www.glamour.com/sex-love-life/2012/01/4-great-date-recipes-from-celebrity-chefs?currentPage=2 ^--chicken ball recipe

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