March 25, 2012

Jesus from the Deesis Mosaic (Photo credit: jakebouma)
Today's sermon was amazing, and I do not say that lightly. It was all about how Jesus goes where other people, religious people particularly, are not willing to go. It got me super-excited to meet my mentee on Thursday!
The pastor also mentioned that Jesus cared more about people than about religious rules. However, here I think it is important to differentiate between religious rules and scriptural rules. Always check what any 'church' person tells you against scripture. And never put man's rules above God's, no matter who that man (or woman) may be. This is a form of idolatry!
Chinese lepers at D'Arcy Island, British Colum...Chinese lepers in British Columbia, Canada (Photo Wikipedia)
He asked the congregation if they had befriended any lepers lately. By 'lepers', he meant people seen as socially unacceptable, either by the church or society at large. I often see myself as one of these people, which is interesting. I have experienced firsthand what it feels like to feel ostracized and unworthy. While we should hold people accountable for their sins, we should not make them feel this way! We all have shortcomings and struggles and we were all once lost.
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