August 10, 2012

Aren't we all unlikely?

Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew (Photo credit: compujeramey)
It's been a while. You may have noticed two other entries published recently. They were drafts about which I had long forgotten, but I decided they were worth posting.

I am up late, due to two Mountain Dews and a lot on my mind. I can blame my dear, dear friends for at least two of those things. I was given (Okay, I requested it) the Mountain Dew by Justin when I wandered up to his apartment after discovering my friend's wife, Ari, was not hiding in her bedroom from his weekly man night. Eventually, Ari materialized and we retreated downstairs to her apartment. While lounging on her bed and discussing depression, old friendships and other assorted things, I noticed a copy of The Unlikely Disciple on her bookshelf. I promptly stole it (with her permission), and when my husband and I had retreated back to our own abode, proceeded to devour it.

I already had a lot on my mind about....religion, I guess you could say, though I cringe to use that term, with all its connotations. Perhaps it would be simpler just to say what has been on my mind. Baptism. Christian culture. Christianity as a sub-culture. (Sub-cultures of all kinds have always fascinated me.) Movements. Guilt. Slacktivism. Judging. Creating a hierarchy of sins. This book just gave me more to think about. I also seem to be experiencing a shortage of people to talk about these things with. Too bad most Bible Studies suck.

The thought occurs to me that perhaps I am missing real community. I hang out with a lot of people, but we don't have much time to actually talk. Perhaps I need to make my life quieter. Spend more time studying and pondering and less time watching Netflix. I don't want to become afraid of the silence. I want my friendships to be about more than the latest Batman movie.

...okay, my cat just yawned the cutest yawn ever and nearly killed me with teh cute. For srs.


I need to be more purposeful about my life. Am I happy? Yes. But I can do better and I can be better. I have been trying to establish routines to keep me from being bogged down by the mundane, so that I can focus on things like this. Things that are transcendental, things that matter. And it seems that time has come. I'm excited. :)
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