November 10, 2012


First edition cover
In November 2007, I was living in a one bedroom apartment. My bedroom was dead to me as it was covered in clutter.

I had run exactly one 5k at that point, in 45 minutes. I rarely cooked, especially since my sink was filled with a precarious pile of dirty dishes. I had hair past my shoulders.

I loved wearing silver hoop earrings. I was studying Psychology at a Roman Catholic University. I had recently read The Redemption of Althalus. I was driving an obnoxiously gold Ford Focus named Penny.

I worked at a family-owned medical supply store. I had been dating Tony, the man who has now been my husband for almost a year, for a little under a month. My Uncle Paul was still alive. My best friend had talked me through the panicky Fall Break during which I ardently hoped that Tony would call me. 

I had just adopted a 4 month old little boy kitten from the animal shelter. I named him Kazu, short for the character Kazuhiko from my favorite manga, Clover.
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