May 05, 2011

I write you visions

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In 2006, I was talking to acoustic by night on MSN about people in exclusive (and excluding) relationships. I was dating a jerk (though I didn't know it at the time) and my friends were slowly inching away from me.
I believed too many lies. My dear little black dog was still alive. I was finding and making a new home, in a new place.
I kept things from people...important things, things that might have saved me. We talked of the difference between like and love.
I found out the jerk I was dating might have a son. That was fun. Then I found out the girl who might be pregnant with his son didn't want anything to do with him. So that was fun too. But I made cd for him for our first anniversary, and wrote him a heartfelt letter.
I was still attending a small Christian liberal-arts college. My friends and I started the joke that I might be a zombie due to my low blood pressure. My best friend was dating, and I was very happy for her. The jerk had constant migraines that terrified me. I was learning (very slowly and with many mistakes) to balance friendships and dating, and Lord of the Rings was the cool new movie. I was still getting over a 4 year unrequited crush. My grades were slowly declining.
To be continued...

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