July 17, 2011


Jeffie is getting more domesticated. He let me put a collar on him and he's kept it on so far. Someone was talking about calling animal control, so I'm hoping that will deter them by making them think that he belongs to someone. Which he does...sort of. Anyway, keeping a collar on and letting me rub his belly are good things. They'll make him more adoptable. I just need to take some good pictures...

The apartment...still looks like crap. Maybe I can clean tomorrow. I want it to look homey and wonderful. I want to hang pictures.

I wanted to exercise today, but Mike said no, so...I didn't. He'll be walking around the shop floor a lot tomorrow, so he didn't want to. I guess I might be able to squeeze it in at some point. I hope so, because I do NOT like my belly pudge. That needs to go away, especially before the wedding.

I have this terrible urge to go shopping. But first I really need to clean out my closet because it's full of crap I don't wear. TO GOODWILL!

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