January 15, 2012

Leaving Eden

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I should get in the shower. And get dressed. But I SO don't want to. I worked 16 hours yesterday on only about 5 hours of sleep. I also found out a few days ago that I may have been sick without realizing it and that may be why I've been so tired lately. Granted, I've also been doing a lot, but it'd be nice to have more energy. My doctor is supposed to have mailed me a prescription, so hopefully that can be remedied soon.

We've cleared out some area in the apartment by finally installing the DVD shelves and putting away my ridiculous DVD collection. T added his five DVDs to the collection and we discovered that we had two copies of Final Fantasy XII. Anyone want one?
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So, I'm going to clean out my car today and maybe even get it washed. Huzzah! It won't look like I live in my car anymore!

The boy is being all responsible and motivated. I'm sure he's right, but it kind of sucks because I just want to chill. Yesterday was both emotional and exhausting, so I want a day to recollect and recharge before I get started on job applications, name changes, and post-Christmas shopping.

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My parents are coming to visit tomorrow. I'm excited, I just hope they come early. My Mom is off work for Martin Luther King day and I haven't seen my Dad since I got married almost 2 months ago.

We played cars with Ari and Tay the other night. Monopoly deal is surprisingly fun, especially considering how much I hate Monopoly. We also got to see Colt. And visit Julep puppy! She was so funny, she kept popping up from under the table like an adorable Jack-in-the-Box.

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