January 16, 2013


Serial killer H.H. Holmes
Serial killer H.H. Holmes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today I bought a new bikini. It's very hard for me to find swimwear that fits properly and doesn't make me look like a skank. Hopefully by the time Memorial Day rolls around, I'll be able to fit into it properly.

I talked with Anna today about further education. I told her that if I ever went back to school, I would try to get a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. I believe I have to hold my Dad at least somewhat responsible for this. He used to leave true crime books all over the house when I was little. I would read anything and everything, including those books. He tried to remember to pick them up, but I had already read about serial killers and the like. I was kind of an information sponge back then and I still have an odd fascination with trying to figure out why terrible things happen and how to prevent them.

Sunday we went to lunch with two friends, one of whom will be moving soon. It was really wonderful. Many silly stories were told and much laughter resulted. We were also able to see an old classmate who is getting married soon and recommend the wonderful dj who did our wedding. 

We have been talking about road trips and other places that we want to visit sometime in the near future. England and France are on the list, as well as Alabama, where a friend lives. It would be wonderful to pile a bunch of people in the car and drive at a leisurely pace, stopping where we want and arguing over music. 

I got the day off today, because of the ice. T came home early today too. He did some decluttering today and was overall very helpful. We were able to talk about some really important things with minor conflict and that made me really happy. 

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