January 14, 2013

My boring life

Laundry (Photo credit: Bilal Kamoon)
Grab your milk and bread! It might sleet! OMG!

I need to stock up on groceries anyway. So I can make amazing things like pork with black beans. Poor T has been fending for himself lately concerning food, and he's been incredibly patient and gracious while I get my bearings again after the holiday season.

Laundry is going to eat my soul.

I have been reading things online about antidepressants that make me very angry and frustrated at how people will shoot their mouth off when they don't have all the information. I wish the penalty for that would be taking a course in BioPsychology. But my further thoughts on that are for another entry.

T and I had an incredibly full and fun weekend. Yesterday we gave blood. (Okay, maybe not that fun.) However, I was excited because sometimes my iron is too low to give and this time it was 14.1, whatever that means. Either way, it meant I could give, which is nice, because it's frustrating to drive all the way over there for nothing. Even if T does get to bleed. Always. It's disgusting. On Saturday we went to see The Hobbit again with my Mom, who liked it. I also got to geek out and tell the people behind us that the way the people in the Pacific Rim trailer controlled the suits was probably based on Evangelion. Friday night we took an eighteen-year-old to her first concert.

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