February 26, 2013

Dream Life

I don't know what the average woman's dream life might entail. A google search was not at all helpful getting some idea of that. Apparently when you type the words "average woman" into Google combined with any or all of the terms "dream, fantasy, or idea" what comes up is mostly related to either sex or weight, which should tell you something.

However, this is about my dream life.

In my dream life I continue to be best friends with the boy I've known since I was five, who has stuck by me through thick and thin, always shown compassion and interest in my life, and never been jealous of me. I am a mother of two amazing children, a boy and a girl who are four years apart. We have plans to adopt a third child from North America. I remain happily married to my husband, T. I have the luxury of staying home with my young children. I have visited England with my husband. I still play fun survival horror games sometimes after the kids have gone to bed. I attending school for my Master's in Clinical Psychology. I have the right shoes to wear for every occasion. I get pedicures once a month and I cook a healthy dinner for my family once a week. I run 10ks with my husband every other month. I live in a three bedroom, two and a half bath house. I have a happy, healthy Kazu cat.
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