February 17, 2013


English: black cat
English: black cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Recently, my husband and I had the opportunity to take part in a new ad campaign for our local Humane Society. They are trying to raise money for a mobile spay/neuter clinic to reach lower-income areas of our city. The campaign is called Project STOP and consists of a collection of black-and-white photos of people and animals holding their hands up to the camera in a "STOP" motion with whatever they want to stop written on their hands. Since our baby Kazu is a black cat, T and I chose to write 'fear' and 'superstition' on our hands. People are still weird and superstitious about black cats, sometimes even killing them. This is ridiculous because our 5-year-old kitty boy has brought us nothing but love!

Last month we ran a 5k and my BFF Garrard came to watch us. Now he is running most days and I like to think we  had a part in inspiring him to get back in the game! He used to run a lot so pretty soon he'll be surpassing us no problem. There is a mud run nearby in May and I am hoping that he will do it with us. It would be super fun to do a 5k obstacle course with my husband and my best friend.
English: A chest X-ray demonstrating severe CO...
English: A chest X-ray demonstrating severe COPD. Note the small size of the heart in comparison to the lungs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In more sobering news, my Dad was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease this week, surprising no one. This is the same thing that most likely led to the stroke that killed his dad, my Papa. The doctor also found spot on my Dad's lung. He had a CAT scan on Thursday, and we'll have the results tomorrow. He's convinced now that he needs to stop smoking. I agree, but I don't know why it took so long for him to come to that conclusion. If you're the praying type, please pray for him. 
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Jeana said...

I couldn't find a comment button on your Dream Life post so I clicked the comment button on this one instead! I hope that's ok.

I think it's really powerful to visualize what you hope/dream for, including the little things like pedicures and survival horror games. I did a similar exercise a few years ago, and my mental images from that still stick with me. (They had to do with teaching kids drumming, getting a shoulder tattoo and writing poetry.)

And I understand the dream of having the right shoes to wear for every occasion. Style can be so elusive...

D W said...

Yeah, Blogger has been doing a weird thing where I have to individually allow comments for each post, and sometimes I forget.

Details are important. Not every dream has to be big and epic. Did you ever get to teach kids drumming? Are you a drummer?

A lot of my old shoes are worn out right now and I no longer allow myself to wear sneakers for everything, so I'm working on building up a suitable shoe collection. It's hard to strike the balance between having too many and not having enough.

I'm actually a hat person. <3 fedoras.

Jeana said...

Fedoras are awesome! The weather here rarely allows for them though. Toques are usually the order of the day.

I played percussion and drums in symphonic and stage band during high school. And I did, for a time, teach the 8-year-old son of a family friend some basics of drumming and reading music. I'd like to learn hand drumming next, on the djembe, or congas or bongos...or all three! I'm out of practice now, but I'll always be rhythmic at heart. :)

Good luck with your shoe collection! Not sure how hot it gets where you are, but I've learned that a good pair of dress boots can go a long way.