June 10, 2013

Brothers and Mothers

The Flags on Memorial Day weekend
The Flags on Memorial Day weekend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm lookin forward to seeing my brother soon. We are doing a Mud Run and I know it is going to be really amazing! I am so proud of him and his job and motivation. My Mom will be coming to visit me soon too. I invited her to the women's ministry meeting at my new church. I am looking forward to introducing her to some new and old friends and just giving her an opportunity to be encouraged. She hasn't been part of a church community in a long time and I think she could benefit from it.

T is taking good care of me lately. I hurt my knee playing softball and he has been making sure I wear my knee brace and rest. He has been working really hard and we have been planning our fall vacation! Right now we are trying to decide if it would be more economical to drive or fly. He has also been teaching me to play XCom:Enemy Unknown, which is surprisingly fun. Dinner Saturday night was a delicious Dijon Doused Steak that he cooked. I want more! Like, now!

I got a new job this week! I will be making cupcakes soon. I am excited about the opportunity to save up some extra money, since T and I will be buying a house soon. We are trying to save as much as we can! An old friend from church recommended me for the job and I am super grateful.

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the river and had a lot of fun. The water was really choppy, but we both went on the inner tube anyway and my uncle did his best to throw us off. I had fun, but my arms were sore for days! Just another reason that I need to build some upper-body strength. I also got to debut my new purple bikini. I tried to drink lots of water, despite my temptation to guzzle Mountain Dew. I also slept surprisingly well on the foldout couch bed. It was a wonderful weekend.
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