June 05, 2013


Cover of "American Gods: A Novel"
Cover of American Gods: A Novel
My Mom booked a hotel for us for when we go to the Mud Run. We have been slacking off majorly on our running, so I'm a bit worried. However, she has taken a huge load off my mind by doing so, and I am incredibly thankful for it. Either way, as long as I finish the race and get super-muddy, I will be happy! She is also offering to buy me some new boardshorts and she paid for my car's oil change the other day. I am seriously blessed. I told her not to pay for the oil change and she said she wanted to, because I never let her do anything. I asked if she wanted me to be more needy, and she said no, that she liked me just the way I was. I love making her laugh.
I actually got up this morning with T and really enjoyed seeing him off to work. He too, makes me laugh and we really enjoy giggling at Kazu's crazy antics. He is a real spaz in the mornings. He was probably also hyper because it is not part of  his usual routine for me to be up so early. T also got me a paperback copy of American Gods last night and he downloaded it onto his Kindle so we can read it together! He is really getting into this reading thing. That was his New Year's resolution this year. We also managed to have a fight last night with no yelling or crying. (Okay, there was some swearing. Mostly on my part.) However, we resolved it quickly and I was really happy about that. I feel like we are improving our marriage all the time. Cooking dinner was a lot of fun last night too. Okay, so we didn't actually cook, but we prepped ingredients.
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