September 15, 2013

Nannying and Marriage

Ugh, I've had to miss so much work lately. I hate it! I am excited to see my monkey boys again tomorrow though.
I had to spend two nights and most of two days away from my husband this week and I missed him terribly. Perhaps that sounds pathetic, but I really don't care. Even worse, one of the guys at my uncle's wedding was dressed very similarly to how my husband often dresses, and he even had the same color hair and skin tone and a similar haircut! I kept seeing him out of the corner of my eye and getting excited and then remembering that my husband was roughly three and a half hours away. I was so happy to see him Friday evening and he was so helpful in getting the bonfire started for my family. (We were at my grandparents' cabin.)

Perhaps the first audio format logo, the LP sy...
Perhaps the first audio format logo, the LP symbol appeared on countless records (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Wednesday night I got to stay with my Mom and we had a really great conversation about anything and everything on our way to her house. I really miss those. We talked about my friends and her friends, about her dog and my cat (her grandcat), house-hunting, and a million other things. The next evening we spent at a hotel. She timed me on my run and didn't even fuss at me when it started raining and I kept running!
Of course, while I was out of town, my friend LP had her baby. She had a little girl! My husband got to go to the hospital and hold her when she was only four hours old. I am so jealous. He also gave the proud new papa some peace of mind by going to their house and letting their dogs out while they stayed at the hospital for a few days, due to my friend having a c-section. However, I got to see the baby today! My husband said I was a natural and her mommy said she liked me! We were only able to stay for an hour but I will get to see them twice more this week. The little girl was a little fussy at first because she was hungry, but she soon snuggled into me and took a nice little nap once I walked her around a bit.
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